We Love What We Do

It all started with the idea of showcasing the talent of Filipino freelancers and meeting the service needs of all kinds of businesses.


With over a decade of experience in Business Process Outsourcing, the founders are passionate about providing above and beyond service to help businesses to succeed. 
The founders’ combined knowledge of workforce analysis, social media marketing, project management, and customer service, formed a highly competent team to serve the needs of clients.

Thus the business Auxiliary Outsourcing was born, trading as Auxiliary Human Resource Services.

We work closely with all the members of our team. Providing them the support they need, may it be work-related or for personal development.

Respect is a virtue we take seriously.

We treat everyone equally, whether you are just starting in the remote work set up or have been in the industry for years.



Our passion is to help guide our clients to their goals. Backed by years of experience in project management, customer service, and workforce analysis.


Focusing on upscaling businesses to the next level by providing the most talented, reliable, and resilient freelancers.



It’s our goal to provide independence not just to businesses in choosing their right staff but also to freelancers that we connect with. Allowing them the freedom to choose what is in line with their goals