Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Where are you and your freelancers located

Our office is located in Mandaluyong, Philippines.

Our talent pool mainly consists of highly skilled freelancers from the Philippines. Many businesses choose the Philippines as Filipinos have a high command of the English language, are known to be trustworthy, and are very hardworking.

How long have you been operating in the industry?

Our business is fairly young as we only started operating on August 2021 but our founders have been in the outsourcing industry for over a decade. With experiences in Customer Service, Project Management, and, Workforce Analysis.

What type of payment methods do you accept?

You can pay via credit card or bank transfer

What is your refund policy?

We take pride in providing quality service. If you feel that your staff is not doing her job well and was not worth the service you paid for. Let us know right away and we’ll discuss on how we can solve this for you.

How is your company unique from your competitors who offer similar services?

Saying that your service is unique and the best may already be typical. And It’s no secret that there are several freelancing agency or outsourcing companies out there. But our team believe in the abundance mindset! There will never be a shortage of clients! We have to admit that there is no one size fits all service for everyone’s needs. You need to find the agency that fits with your ideals and we won’t take it against you if you think our services is not the best fit. We will root for you to look for the team that will best represent you. But if you do work with us and see that we will help you with your goals then you’ll personally experience what makes us unique.

Ww do not stop at assigning a staff to you. Our team have project managers who you can reach out and will help you in making sure that your new staff works well with you in achieving you business’ goals.

How is our business information secured when outsourcing overseas?

Our team takes information security seriously. Every project comes with a formal contract making sure that both our clients and freelancers are protected from any information breach.

Do you have any branches overseas?​

No. We mainly operate in the Philippines, but we are open to working with clients anywhere in the world.