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Why should you choose to outsource your staff?Our service does not stop in connecting you with reliable field experts, we make sure that they continuously perform by keeping track of their productivity through our in-house tools.

This is what sets us apart from other platforms and agencies. We provide dedicated Project Managers for clients so that our freelancers are monitored. Clients are consistently checked for feedback, making sure that the Freelancer-Client relationship is still the best fit.

Our service cost is not universal because we know that it’s not a one service fits all type of industry. We make sure that you are billed accordingly to how our team can help you with your business.

Filipinos are known to be as resilient, kind, and heartwarming people.  Apart from having good work ethics, Filipinos are best know for being hardworking with great command of the English language. This is why more and more companies are outsourcing Filipinos for jobs like customer service, administrative work, project management, and more.

Our service goes beyond connecting you with highly experienced freelancers. We also have dedicated project managers who will constantly monitor these freelancers, making sure that they perform their duties well. We have an inhouse time and productivity tracking tool that will make sure that proper monitoring is done. We also conduct scheduled meetings with clients to check if our freelancers are still the best fit for their needs.

We make sure that our pricing is fit to every business needs. This is why we do not have a fixed pricing bracket, because we know that every business’ demand is different. 

Before sending you a quote, we conduct a thorough discussion to know your needs and decide which services will benefit you the most.


We want to know your needs exactly so that we can provide the perfect solution. Let’s discuss what you need and we’ll do our best to help.